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October 2013

Like a Dickens Novel: The Goode Life 1809-1901.

Like a Dickens novel: The Goode Family Timeline 1809-1901      Escape from agrarian poverty…Master of workhouses in London’s East End and Liverpool…a child’s death…pubs, hotels and a rise to wealth and prominence…then tragedy…and a return to impoverishment. It is a true Victorian tale. Like all research on this website, this is a work in progress.   Richard White 1809 –  Great-great-grandfather of Eileen, Peggy,

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Empire of the Minchins

Dominion: The Unstoppable Minchins “This interesting and rare surname derives as one of the many names which have originated as a nickname from a name of office. This particular name originated from the Old English pre seventh Century “mynecen”, nun, thus it does not signify a person who was a nun, but more likely was a nickname for someone who bore some charisterestics of

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John Minchin’s Family Tree: 1813-1922. Plough boy who fathered nine children.

  John Minchin 1847-1922 Father of Bill Minchin, grandfather of Eileen, Peggy, Nancy and Thelma. 1847: Birth, Westfield, Temple Guiting, near Naunton, Gloucestershire. 18 September. Note: There is a West Field Farm, Notgrove – the addresses are local and interchangeable – at GL54 3BX.  1851: Census: Son of James and Eliza Minchin, Upper Turkdean.  Household: James Minchin, Head, 38, Ag-Lab, born Chedworth, Gloucestershire; Eliza Minchin, Wife, 29,

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Orphaned. A Hard Life: Annie Pitts, grandmother of Eileen, Peggy, Nancy and Thelma. Family Tree 1816-1916.

Ann/Annie Pitts 1857-1916. Mother of Bill Minchin and grandmother of Eileen, Peggy, Nancy and Thelma.     1857: Birth, April, Stow on the Wold. Daughter of Charles and Ann Pitts (nee Neale). 1859: Father Charles Pitts dies, age 33, Stow. Ann age two. 1861: Census: Residence, Stow, age 4. The household consists of Ann Pitts, 44, Head of Household, Widow, Mother; and three daughters – Hannah, 12,

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