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September 2013

Apocaduck Now 2013! Qwikey, it’s Hell on the River Windrush. WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES.

 Kidnap: The Morning After the Night Before. Excitement reached fever pitch on Sunday morning. Adhering to tradition, some family members held the annual Bourton Duck Race. It was one way to recover from the excesses of the 2013 reunion and dinner at The Mousetrap and restore a sense of calm amongst those who had overdone it (no names, usual suspects). Here you can watch

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Reunion 2013: The Minchin Tapestry.

A Surprise, a Tapestry and a Very Good Time The evening of Saturday 14 September arrived, mild and sunny. Amongst the earliest to step through the doors of The Mousetrap Inn were Alasdair and Kerry Page who were carrying a strange roll of paper. What on earth had they brought? They began to unwrap it to reveal its contents. At first glance, it looked

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My Footballing Cousin

The Early Kick-off. Sporting fragments from John Waite’s childhood recalled by Clive Hutchinson. My cousin, John Waite, was born at Old Oak Cottage, his maternal grandparents’ house in Wellingore, Lincolnshire, in January 1942, in the same bedroom where I – the son of his mother’s youngest sister – was born four months later. Perhaps it was destiny that John was to become a top

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