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July 2013

May and Bill’s Golden Wedding: ‘Half Ton of Best Coal’

1970: Four Generations Captured In Time. In 1920, it was just May and Bill. Fifty years later, they sit surrounded by 25 relatives – 17 of them direct descendents. If every picture tells a story, then this one depicts a family saga. It is their Golden Wedding: 7 o’clock in the evening of Friday 6 November 1970, in The Warren Tea Rooms, Bourton-on-the-Water. May

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Eileen & Ken: The War Years

Love in a Time of War By John Dale It was 1937 and Ken Dale had just arrived in the Cotswolds. He was 19 years old and, to him, it was a strange part of the country. He was one of thousands of men being deployed by a government in London which was growing fearful of Hitler’s Germany. Britain was in a race to

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The Lost World

The Secret Life of Wold Newton By John Dale My grandmother Alice Lambert was nearly ninety when she climbed onto her sideboard to brush down a cobweb. As she reached up, she lost her balance and fell. She was found in her home, Groom’s Cottage, Wold Newton, Lincolnshire, and taken to hospital. She had broken a hip. While lying in bed, she drifted into

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