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Who’s Who? 1981

Name that face!

Welcome inside the home of Eileen and Ken Dale upon the occasion of their 40th Wedding Anniversary. They married in Bourton in 1941 and now it is 1981 in Waltham, Grimsby. The gang’s all here – although some in heavy disguise. There are many faces which are easy to spot. And some which are not. Maybe you can help.

This is one of those priceless photos because it includes so many people, about thirty faces ranging across three generations and four Minchin sisters’ branch lines. The party is going with a swing with cans of beer and the odd cigarette. The room is packed as everyone has been summoned for this group shot. There are not enough chairs and most have to sit on the carpet. It is lucky Ken Dale had knocked the lounge through, erecting the wooden arch, itself a period piece. They have travelled from far and wide, including the Moys from West London and the Ridings from Buckinghamshire. If you can help name some of them, please do.


Front: Mel Northfield, Sally Riding’s left eye; John Dale. Second row, from left: Vic Riding, with glasses; John Moy; Mark Waite: Eileen Dale; Sarah Clark; Chris Clark (with fag); Thelma Clark; Ken Dale. Middle distance: Robert Tate (with beard); Sally Waite; Susan Waite; Judith Clark; Peggy Riding; Julie Tate; Nicky Moy; Nancy Moy. Please help with further identification. CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE.



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